Next up: Drug-eluting stents for erectile dysfunction

October 2, 2009/Shelly Wood/Heartwire — San Francisco, CA — Nine hospitals in the US are embarking on a stent trial that will no doubt provoke the attention of interventionalists and patients alike. Amid all of the larger coronary stent trials making waves at TCT 2009 last week, Dr. Jason H. Rogers (UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA) got up and announced the launch of the ZEN trial, testing the use of zotarolimus-eluting stent for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Speaking with Heartwire after TCT, Rogers reviewed the rationale for the trial. In four out of every five men with erectile dysfunction, he notes, the etiology is vasculogenic and erectile dysfunction itself shares a host of risk factors with coronary artery disease, including age, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia and smoking.

Results (of the pilot study, PANPI) showed that stenosis in the coronary artery typically mirrored that of the prudental artery.

2 Responses to “Next up: Drug-eluting stents for erectile dysfunction”

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