Georgia Raises Costs to Use Courthouse Services

By Merritt Melancon, Online Athens, May 22, 2010
Without much warning, the cost of getting divorced, filing a lawsuit or copying a case deposition more than doubled last week – leaving attorneys, title searchers and anyone else who visits the courthouse on a regular basis irked.
The increses are part of wide-ranging fee hikes lawmakers passed this year to help ease the state’s projected $785 million budget shortfall. The increases affect everything from the cost of professional licenses to the price for specialty license plates.
The bill doubles the cost of copies from 25 cents to 50 cents per page. If a person needs help finding a document or making copies, the cost goes up to $1.50.
A $125 surcharge has been added to the cost of filing a lawsuit in Superior Court, so the cost of a divorce rose from $80 to $205. The cost of many Probate Court services, like marriage licenses and adoptions, also rose.
The cost to have the Superior Court clerk transmit a case to the Georgia Court of Appeals increased from $1.50 to $10 a page.
Attorneys will have to pass the fees on to their clients and people who interact with the clerk’s office directly will feel the pinch at the counter.

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