Parental smoking ups blood pressure (BP) of kids aged four and five

January 13, 2011/Lisa Nainggolan/Heartwire
Heidelberg, Germany — The preschool children of smokers have a 20% increased risk of having blood pressure in the highest normal value even after other risk factors are adjusted for, new research from Germany shows. This is the first study to show that breathing tobacco smoke increases the BP of children as young as four or five, says Dr. Giacomo D. Cimonetti (University of Berne, Switzerland) and colleagues in their paper published online January 10, 2011 in Circulation.

Simonetti, who conducted the research while working at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, told heartwire: “Parental smoking is not only negative for children’s lung function, it poses a risk to their future cardiovascular health…”

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One Response to “Parental smoking ups blood pressure (BP) of kids aged four and five”

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