Light to Moderate Drinking: Likely Cardioprotective, but Recommended?

Heartwire/Steve Stiles/February 25, 2011

Calgary, AB — It’s time to acknowledge the pile of evidence that light to moderate alcohol comsumption is not only good for cardiovascular health, it could potentially be recommended fo cardiovascular risk reduction, according to authors of two meta-analyses published online February 22, 2011 in BMJ (British Medical Journal).

Liz Buddenhagen note: The rest of this article describes the quandry medical doctors face regarding sharing this information with patients, and the public. Although the studies show a positive cardiac benefit, it is a quagmire to recommend drinking alcohol to those for whom drinking alcohol can be very dangerous in other ways, such as addiction, and those who have firm religous beliefs that do not approve of drinking alcohol. Interactions with drug therapies must be considered, as well as other potential downsides.

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