Sex, Physical Activity, and the Heart: New Analysis to Quantify Risk

Heartwire/March 22, 2011/Shelley Wood
Boston, MA — It’s a perenially sexy topic: just what are the cardiovascular risks of “episodic physical and sexual activity, especially for the habitually inactive?”

A new literature review and meta-analysis published in the March 23, 2011 issue of the Journal of American Medical Association provides some new numbers that authors say may be of use to patients and physicians going forward – providing they understand what they mean.

“You need to be constantly physically active.”

Dr. Eileen Handberg (University of Florida, Gainesville), asked to comment on the study for heartwire said that it confirms what most people already beleive to be the case.

“I think this paper is going to get a lot of [media] play, but I’m not sure that this is anything more than what has already been said – that, basically, if you’re not in good shape, and if you try suddenly to be active, then you put yourself at risk. And whether that physical activity is walking, running, shoveling snow, or having sex, you’re at some risk,” she said.

“You really need to be constantly physically active, and you need to start that as a child, and you need to carry it throug until you’re 90.”

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