“Battling the Bulge? Don’t Apply At This Hospital”

“CEO Says Keeping Obese Individuals Off The Payroll Is Best For Business”

Outpatient Surgery/March 30, 2012

A Texas hospital’s no-hiring policy for the obese is sure to spark controversy but the hospital CEO makes no apologies for denying employment to anyone with a BMI over 35…

Mr. Brown claims overweight workers are absent from work more often than their slim colleagues, although the hospital’s decision to pass on obese applicants isn’t based on health insurance premiums. The hiring policy, notes the report, points to physical appearance as a desire to promote overall health to patients as the hospital’s basis for omitting overweight applicants form consideration. 

For more on this article see http://www.outpatientsurgery.net/news/2012/03/33-Battling-the-Bulge-Don-t-Apply-to-This-Hospital. 

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