Atlanta Attorney Deborah Gonzalez Talks Online Privacy, Security And Safety

Jennifer Law hacked. Online Child Molestation. Identity Theft. Cyper Bullying. Social Media. Passwords. Apps. Digital After Life. Digital Identity. Privacy.

These are the types of topics that Deborah Gonzalez discussed at the Athens Regional Library on October 28, 2014 regarding online privacy, security and safety.

Gonzalez recently published two new books “Managing Online Risk: Apps, Mobile & Social Media Security and “Online Security for the Business Traveler.”

Gonzalez defined privacy as “A person’s right to control access to his or her personal information.” She said “If you put it out there on social media, consider it public.” Information collected is as much as you give them and she discussed security of smart phones, tablets, cloud computing and passwords.

Gonzalez discussed identity theft, what to do if you are a victim of identity theft and gave resources including the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website with consumer information. She also went into how to protect your online identity and cyber bullying.

Interesting tidbits she shared:

  • 90% of cell phone apps send personal information back to the developer – you gave permission.
  • Techies cannot keep up with the hackers.
  • Some hotels have “evil twin” networks, meaning there is a twin internet connection. She said you should ask the hotel if they have a secure line with a password to be sure you are getting on the right connection.
  • The concept of the “Internet of Things” – there are more devices connected to the internet than there are people.
  • Posting false credentials is equal to false advertising.
  • She mentioned a book called “The Digital Afterlife” which deals with what happens or should happen with your digital identity after death.
  • Gonzalez shared printed materials on online security from the FTC which are available and free for the asking.

About Deborah Gonzalez:

Gonzalez, attorney at law, is an intellectual property lawyer from Atlanta and New York, who practices social media, art, music, entertainment and digital law. She is particularly interested currently in speaking with kids and teens as they build their online identity and can be at risk for online victimization, both from people they know and people they don’t, as well as speaking with adults.

For more information, go to,,, Twitter: @law2sm, Facebook: Law2sm.

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